Lazarex Cancer Foundation is an organization that gives hope and dignity to those who have exhausted all options concerning their cancer treatments. They help end stage cancer patients by providing financial assistance, when needed, to cover the cost associated with participating in FDA clinical research trials, and by helping to identify FDA clinical trial options. They also perform community education and medical outreach. You can raise money to fight cancer and give cancer patients a second chance at life with Lazarex Cancer Foundation by creating your own event. Your fund raiser could be as simple as a bake sale, or, as elaborate as a neighborhood 5k, 10k or half marathon.

Plan your race or event for a time of day, or week, that is convenient for the largest number of people. Summertime is great for planning events with children and college students who are on summer break. Promoting a neighborhood race takes more planning than it does money. You can use local resources such as your city's newspaper, radio, or television station. Handing out fliers and leaving posters in local businesses is very economical. And, word of mouth is the least expensive way to promote your event.

To raise money to fight cancer and support Lazarex Cancer Foundation’s mission you need to become a Team for Life member. You can self-register and participate in any race where Team for Life is an official charity or participate in any event of your choice. You can create your own personalized donation page to send to sponsors and to accept donations for your own bake sale, triathlon or  half marathon. As a Team for Life member, you will receive a fund raising kit. It includes an offline donation form, sponsorship form, and a printable sponsorship letter. You can personalize these forms to send out to potential sponsors and advertise your event.

As a Team for Life member, you can accept cash or credit card donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses. Lazarex is a non-profit 501c3 charity, and the donations are tax deductible. If someone wants to help fight cancer and support Lazarex Cancer Foundation’s mission but is unable to make a donation, they can become a volunteer and help with graphic design, envelope stuffing, or fund raising. If you need help putting together a fund raiser you can go to the Lazarex fund raising site at or