Getting ready for marathons is a huge task that takes a lot of dedication and determination. But there is no rule that you should go at it on your own. The key to succeeding in marathons and training sessions is having a support team that trains together and are there for each other through the entire training season.

We have to realistic here. As individuals, we would find virtually any excuse to put off something as strenuous as a long run and workouts. We would procrastinate and this could impact how ready we are to participate in the marathons. Having a team that works together creates some accountability. There is less room for excuses when others are there to tell you to turn up for training sessions. Team members can also provide great moral support as everyone goes through the tough training sessions that can easily wear someone down physically and mentally. Therefore it is important to have a good functional support team when you prepare for marathons.

To find the right group of team members to be on your side throughout your training season, it is beneficial if they fit in most of these categories.

  1. They are family and friends that you like a lot and can relate to.
  2. They live somewhat near enough to make it to all training sessions.
  3. All of you do not have many schedule conflicts.
  4. They are interested in events like marathons.
  5. They are physically able to take part in the training and eventually can run a marathon.
  6. All of you have a comparable level of physical ability and strength.

Therefore, the right team of co trainers could be the beam of support that you need to help you excel in all the marathons that you are training for. Be sure to choose them wisely and be prepared to help one another succeed in the upcoming marathon events.

Along with training partners, you should also consider having some support from those you see every day, like your family, roommates or close friends. You would need someone to help you ensure that you eat healthy and are able to get the rest that you need. They can help you with your schedules and help you out to stay free to focus on your training and schedule.

For instance, if someone is there to help out with errands so you won’t be too busy to accommodate your training schedule, that would help you stay focused on the marathon training. You could also have someone try help you make those healthier meals that would help you condition the body and help it prepare for the marathons.

No man is an island. Therefore you can, and in fact should, use all the help and support you can get as you prepare to run these marathons and excel in them. Do ensure that you use these resources to help you with your training rather than allow them to distract you. You should be sure that you can work with them and that they are strong enough to be there for you. Your support group should not give in to you easily and let you slip. They should stand strong to make sure you are strong.