Absolutely not! It is remarkable enough that you are interested in taking part in an event like a marathons that does more than test your skills and level of endurance. And it is even nobler if you are doing it to support a good cause. Why would you have to do it all on your own? It would in fact be advised that you set up a support group and get the assistance of loved ones and those around you before you embark on this ambitious journey of training for a marathon. Marathon running is very extensive physically and mentally. One would need a lot of strength and willpower to stay with their regiment and work hard till the actual race days.

You could use a good support group that would help you as you train for your marathons. This small team could consist of people who are close to you, think like you, who are physically fit to run marathons and are motivated to do so.

This team would help you stick to your schedule and train according to a strict regimen that you have previously set out. They would also be there to support you along the way, sending out words of encouragement as you go through each training session. Training for a marathon takes a lot of hard work and can make your whole body ache at the end of it. It would help if someone gave you the inspiration to stick to it despite these discomforts.

You could either find this team from within your group of family and friends. Another great choice would be to consult running groups that are filled with running enthusiasts who might be eager to start their next round of training. This way, you can be sure that they possess the ability and interest to take part in these running events.

When you are forming this team to help you out, be sure that you find a group that shares the interest and passion just like you. Also make sure that their level of expertise and physical strength matches yours, so you can train together and find yourselves improving together.

You would also need the support of those around you to help you in ways other than your training regimen. For instance, you could use the help of a good friend or your family to ensure that you eat healthy throughout your training sessions. It would also help if they could help maintain your schedule and pitch in to run errands on your behalf to ensure that your body gets all the training and rest it requires so you can be prepared for the upcoming marathons. Every little help would go a long way. Just a simple word of encouragement and acknowledgement would help you keep going. They could also help with pain relief when you return home from a hard day at training. If everyone pitches in, you can be on your way to running a great marathon.

So, don’t think you have to do it alone. You can get all the help and support you need to get through the marathons that you would like to win. In fact, you would need a lot of support and love from those around you to succeed in this endeavor. Marathon training is not as easy as it sounds, however it is very possible. With the right formula of proper training, lifestyle and support, your marathon can be a success.