Have you ever wanted to take part in a marathon but feared that the distance was just too long? There is a way you can try it out but on a shorter distance. You could try out a Half Marathon. While it is quite demanding, being half the distance of a marathon, it would require less effort to run. You could think of it as a trial run for a full marathon.

A Half Marathon is a race about 13.1 miles or 21,097.5m long. It is usually organized to take place on the roads. Half marathons are being favored and getting more popular as they seem more manageable and less daunting than full marathons. Those who are new to such running events might hesitate to take the first step to train for a marathon due to the amount of training, discipline, fitness and hard work required. At the same time, they would love to tread into the grounds of such endurance running events. If one would like to try out endurance events but are fearful and uncertain  if they have what it takes to complete one, they should try a half marathon to see if it is within their abilities.

Training for a 1/2 marathon should not be treated lightly just because you only need to run half the distance. Training for both these events is intense and needs to be done gradually and consistently. It takes just about the same amount of time to prepare for both types of marathons. It also requires a strict diet and lifestyle to be maintained during the training season. The only difference is that you might feel more confident to complete a half marathon and not struggle through a marathon.

Many times, we see that marathons and 1/2 marathons are organized at the same time and place. In many instances, half marathons and full marathons are started off on the same course. Half marathons might have a later start, earlier finish, and definitely is one that comes with shortcuts.

Half marathons are certainly a great fundraiser event as it opens up the number of possible participants. For those who wish to contribute, be a part of something big, but fear the physical needs of a marathon, there is the half marathon. Fundraising events could attract a larger crowd by incorporating half marathons into their agenda as well. Now, these events are not limited to only those who are exceptionally fit.

Therefore, 1/2 marathons are a great way to get you introduced to the world of marathons. If the idea of running a whole marathon seems too overwhelming, start off by trying a half marathon. This is a nice way to train big and start small. It gives you confidence in yourself and shows you what is possible. If you don’t want to leave any endeavor incomplete, start off small with half marathons and then graduate to running the full marathons.