We're actually treating patients today, not just searching for tomorrow's cure

We have had stunning success in giving scores of patients a much higher quality of life. We have been privileged to work with some truly amazing and courageous clients who came to Lazarex Cancer Foundation after years of fighting cancer left their bodies and financial reserves drained.

Lazarex Cancer Foundation builds a bridge to hope, dignity and life for cancer patients and their families. We provide financial assistance to defray the costs associated with patient participation in FDA clinical trials. Additionally, we help patients navigate their clinical trial options and provide community education and outreach services. We believe that together we can change the face of cancer.

Here are just a few stories from patients who have found help, hope and a future through Lazarex:

Mary Ann endured 28 sessions of radiotherapy, a colostomy and six chemotherapy cycles in trying to defeat colorectal cancer. It metastasized and financial hardship kept her from continuing her fight, until Lazarex stepped in, providing necessary aid for her to receive treatment through a clinical trial. A positive response to treatment provided her with over 2 years to spend with her daughter.
After living a healthy life, Tamie was shocked to be diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma cancer at age 73. The many months of treatment in California, away from her home, was made possible by Lazarex Cancer Foundation providing aid for living expenses. Tamie lived for several years and got to love her new grandchild into a toddler.
Fourteen-year-old Ian's clinical trial treatment led to submission of his cancer symptoms, giving him an entire summer's reprieve. His mother says, "He lived a whole lifetime this past summer".
Andrea fought cancer while raising three small children. Her clinical trial treatment in California was out of reach until Lazarex offered to cover her living expenses. Andrea wrote to us, "Thank you to all the generous donors who have given from their hearts. This program has allowed me to focus on my health and not worry over the financial burden of living in another city to get the treatment I need".
After clinical trial treatment reversed the progression of Mike's pancreatic cancer, he was healthy enough to connect with his family and to coach his girl's Little League team, providing memories to last a lifetime. 
Todd was able to resume a normal life after his very stubborn brain tumor yielded during a clinical trial treatment, a new and experimental brain cancer treatment administered at Duke University. 
A second breast cancer diagnosis and instructions to "get her affairs in order" led Florence to seek a clinical trial treatment. She now enjoys weekly Sunday dinners with her family and is busy planning her future-a future without cancer. 
Chase fought a courageous battle against osteosarcoma. After being ordered to hospice care, Chase and his family opted for clinical trial treatment and with help from Lazarex he was able to spend more time with his family and friends.
Despite the physical limitations imposed on her by her cancer and her treatments, Brittany lives each day to the fullest with a radiant smile, an incredible passion and grateful appreciation for fife, and an invincible positive attitude as she continues to fight her cancer with enormous courage and great determination. Her motto which she believes and practices in everything that she does is "The will to win, WILL win."
After receiving a terminal diagnosis of (recurrent) stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Ruth enrolled in a clinical trial in southern California while Lazarex covered the costs of living and traveling away from her North Carolina home. Today is she in clinical remission and has returned home to North Carolina.