We're actually treating patients today, not just searching for tomorrow's cure

We have had stunning success in giving scores of patients a much higher quality of life. We have been privileged to work with some truly amazing and courageous clients who came to Lazarex Cancer Foundation after years of fighting cancer left their bodies and financial reserves drained.

Lazarex Cancer Foundation builds a bridge to hope, dignity and life for cancer patients and their families. We provide financial assistance to defray the costs associated with patient participation in FDA clinical trials. Additionally, we help patients navigate their clinical trial options and provide community education and outreach services. We believe that together we can change the face of cancer.

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Looking for Help?

We can help. If you are a cancer patient who refuses to give up but needs help navigating your clinical trial options or financial assistance to attend a clinical trial, we'd like to hear from you.

Our medical liaison can help you find the right clinical trial and we can also help you with the costs associated with participating in a clinical trial, including:

  • Transportation (airfare, gas, rental cars, taxi fare, parking/tolls)
  • Lodging (short- and long-term housing)
  • Certain medical expenses not covered by insurance and necessary for clinical trial treatment.

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